Marine Safety Consultant

I served thirty years in the United States Coast Guard as a Boatswains Mate and Chief Warrant Officer (BOSN). Experienced in the operation, navigation, and maintenance of vessels ranging from small craft to ships, maintenance of docks, piers, and aids to navigation. Directly and indirectly involved in thousands of search and rescue cases. Conducted a myriad of law enforcement boardings to insure vessels were in compliance with federal laws and safety requirements. Conducted appropriate investigations when necessary, as well as inspected and issued citations for pleasure craft, marinas, chemical facilities, oil transfer stations, tow boats and barges. Prepared comprehensive case files, written reports, affidavits, and provided testimony in depositions and court proceedings for marine related accidents, pollution incidents, illegal immigrants, and drug seizures.

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Since establishing myself as a marine safety consultant and expert witness in 1992, I have gained extensive experience in litigation support over the past 23 years. I have provided expert testimony for depositions and trials as well as written reports and affidavits for litigation throughout the United States. I have testified in cases involving a vessels operation, maintenance, navigation. I have also testified in cases concerning product liability, Jones Act, cruise ships, pleasure craft, Captains responsibilities, safety equipment, aids to navigation, marlinespike seamanship, docks, seawalls, OSHA Regulations, ABYC Standards, Safety Management Systems (SMS) requirements, OSHA requirements, and warning signs that apply to a marine environment.

My experience encompasses operation of vessels in and upon the high seas, inland waterways, western rivers, inland lakes and rivers.

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